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Since 2005

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Scott Olsen

Scott Olsen - Owner/Operator

Prior to starting Scott Olsen Handyman Services, I worked seventeen and a half years at IBM, where I developed skills in servicing computer equipment and interfacing with customers over a period of nine years. I then moved into computer programming, where I became proficient in C++, Java, various scripting languages, including web development and interfacing with databases via SQL and API's.

Having great mechanical ability along with strong troubleshooting skills, I had no trouble preforming maintenance and remodeling tasks on my own properties. After leaving IBM, I started Scott Olsen Handyman Services and have enjoyed every minute. I absolutely love my job, and with over three decades of experience in the construction field, I have the confidence and skill to complete any job I take on.

Service AreaX

Scott Olsen Handyman Services operates in the New York State Capital region covering Schenectady county, and parts of Albany and Saratoga counties, providing local handyman, home repair, home maintenance, remodeling and renovation services for the following municipalities:

Albany County Saratoga County Schenectady County
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